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Model No.: CS-T201

Color: White


With the development of times and technology, vehicles are very normal to all of us now and specifically, the electricity-motorized vehicles are not luxuries any more, we also have more and more choices to choose from, while the two-wheel electric balance scooter with handle, which is a popular environmental outcome for modern people to entertain and ride, is just one of them! 

ALUCARD two-wheel balance scooter with handle uses the best raw materials like main board, gyro, motors, Samsung Battery and smart safety-protected technology to ensure its safety and free people’s worries of unexpected burning or explosion. All certificates like CE, RoHS, FCC, UL and most importantly, the patent are available for exporting. 





Product name

Alucard Big Wheel Self Balance Scooter /Bluetooth Hoverboard With Handle

Model number


Motion of the Control Shaft




Standard Accessory


About 18km/h

Speeding alert activates at 12km/h



vary with rider's weight,road condition and temperature

Max.Climbing Angle

About 15°

Rider's weighing 60kg get up to 18°

Working Temperature


Best at 10℃-30℃



Charge Voltage

AC220V 50-60Hz

Optional: 110V/110V-240V

Charge Time

4-6 hours


Length:60cm, Width:39cm, Height:130cm

Tire Size

15 inches

Platform Height


Chassis Height


2.Product pictures

3.Frequently Asked Question

Step-by-step guide to using the balancing board

Step 1: Gently press the on/off button to power the Balancing Board up. 

Step 2: Put your feet on the board and hold the handle to make the Electric Balance Hover Board to sense your gravity.

Step3: Once you are standing stably on the board, push the holder forward/backward/right/left to direct which way the Electric scooter moves.

Step 4: Get off the balancing board, and step off to the rear of the balancing board with one foot first, and the step off with the other. 

Little skills to handle the Self Balance Scooter

·Just relax for you first riding. Maybe the Board will shake a little because of your tension when you stand on the pedal. That’s OK, you will find the balance soon.

·Ride this E-scooter slowly when you learn to handle and do not make your body lean too much.

·When you are proficient enough to ride you may try to drift.

See image:

4. Safe usage guidelines

This section gives you information and warnings about using the balancing board. so you can stay completely safe while having fun. Just pay particular attention to these warnings and bear them in mind for your safe and enjoyable experience.


. When learning how to ride your balancing board, make sure you have wearing protective equipment, such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. 

. The two wheel scooter is designed to carry one person only. 

. Replacing the Electric Scooter’s motor with a third-party alternative is not allowed. 

. Children who weight less than 25KG cannot use this product, and children who use scooter must be supervised by an adult all the time. 

. Using the balance vehicle should obey the local traffic rules. Be sure to respect nearby pedestrians. 

. Keep your feet on the pedal while riding the self balance scooter.

. Wear sensible sports clothes when using this product, as this will help you to react quicker in emergencies. 

. Riding the balancing board at a speed that is safe for you and the people around you, and this will make it easier for you to stop. 

. Keep enough distance between your boards to avoid crashes If you are ridding with someone else on another balance scooter. 

. Do not ride your smart electric vehicle in dark or poorly-lit areas. 

. Forbid using this product to go over obstacles, ice, or snow. 

. Read the instruction manual carefully before you use your balancing board. 

5.Brief introduction for C-STAR

C-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED was established in 2000. With great capability for designing and production, modernized production lines, injection molding machine and advanced other related equipment, C-STAR is able to accept and manufacture OEM and ODM orders for various kinds of two-wheel balance scooter, hand-hold balance scooter, somatosensory vehicles, electric skateboard and the like. Our products are following the trend of this industry, and under updating to meet the needs of the market and consumers. Good quality and reputation have brought C-STAR many customers from the USA, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, etc, making international connection take place! C-STAR set up to design and produce the balance scooter in 2015 under the brand ALUCARD, which immediately became a very hot-selling sport product once it’s launched! 

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